Welcome to the Profit Generator School!

Hey guys, I am Nathan Rigney, the Owner and Director of NGR Accounting and the Profit Generator. 

I want to welcome you to the Profit Generator School.  Here, we want to help you understand the core basics of implementing and using the Profit First system. 

I've been a Profit First Professional for several years and I continue to help business owners, like you, implement this system to help find the profit and grow your business, so you can live a more profitable life and achieve your goals. 

This step by step self paced course will help you build and make your business profitable. You'll learn how to create a framework around the cash in your business, implement strategies to increase profits and decrease expenses, strategies to pay bills on time, and most importantly outrun the competition by being a financially healthy business. 

Complete the course in your own time, our one time course fee includes course material including our downloadable calculators, access to our Facebook community, monthly Q&A sessions, and access to all of the above for 183 days! 

If you would like more information on Profit First or would like to make an appointment to discuss how a Profit First Professional can help you, email us at [email protected]

The Profit Generator School

Your introduction to the Profit First mentality

    1. Welcome to the Profit Generator School

    2. Introduction to Profit First

    3. Introduction to Profit First: Quiz

    4. Module 1: Bonus! Mike on Profit First - Keynote session.

    1. Introduction to Module 1: The 4 Core Principles

    2. Module 1A: The Parkinson's Law

    3. Module 1B: The Primacy Effect

    4. Module 1C: Removing Temptation

    5. Module 1D: Enforcing the Rhythm

    6. Module 1: Quiz

    1. Introduction to Module 2: How to Start Profit First

    2. Module 2A: Recap of the 4 Core Pillars and How to Implement them

    3. Module 2B: Your Foundation

    4. Module 2C: Picking the right Bank

    5. Module 2: Profit Generator Tip: Know Your Customer (KYC)

    6. Module 2: Which Bank?

    7. Module 2: Quiz

    1. Introduction to Module 3: Target Allocation Percentages

    2. Module 3A: Target Allocation Percentages (TAPs)

    3. Module 3B: Why TAPs are Different for Each Revenue Stream

    4. Module 3C: What if my Business is Brand New?

    5. Module 3D: Putting the Rhythm in Place

    6. Module 3E: Rewarding Good Behaviours

    7. Module 3: Quiz

    1. Module 3's Bonus Module

    2. How to Guide: Access the Right Reports from your Xero File

    3. How to Guide: Instant Assessment - Using Case Study "The Hairy, Hairy Caveman Barber"

    4. How to Guide: Target Allocation Plan & Revenue Bank Account Allocation Calculator

    5. How to Guide: The Pricing Calculator

    1. Introduction to Module 4: Frequently Asked Questions

    2. Module 4: Frequently Asked Questions

    3. Module 4: Quiz

    4. Module 4 - Bonus Lesson - Profit First Panel and Q&A Session

About this course

  • $297.00
  • 35 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content
  • Price includes GST & Tax Deductible (confirm with your Accountant)
  • Test what you learn with our Multiple Choice Quiz
  • Join our Facebook Community & gain access to our monthly live Q&A Sessions

Hoping for a Profit won't make you Profitable. Make Profit your priority & build a business that supports it's self.

For small business owners seeking to revolutionise their financial management, prioritise long-term stability, and amplify profitability, the Profit Generator School is the ultimate solution. This course accommodates business owners at any stage of their journey, whether they're just starting out or they're seasoned veterans in the field.